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This rack is perfect for holding 3 SUP boards and keeping the organized and out of the way. It also has an integrated paddle holder along the base of the rack underneath the lowest storage position.


The BASIC rack is made from raw rough cut pine and suitable for use in a garage, shed, or other dry storage location. Please note that this timber may have some markings or other imperfections, but is perfect for use in a location where appearances aren't so important.


This rack can also made from finished timber with your choice of dark or natural blond oil which is best suited for use in a highly visible area where a better appearance is required.


These racks are CUSTOM BUILT TO ORDER so please allow minimum a one week lead time for the creation of your rack. Please contact us for futher customization options.

3x SUP Rack

Out of Stock
  • We can offer a trade in guarantee on our products, so you can trade your used rack in when you’d like to try a different one.  This ensures that you and your family will always have the rack that you need to hold you equipment. The trade-in value will be determined by the age and condition of your rack. The value agreed upon is valid after the rack has arrived at our workshop and the condition verified. Please contact us for more information (we may even offer you a trade in value for a rack that was not made by us).

  • No Problem! These racks are hand-made custom built to order, so just send a request and we will put them into the production queue and get them to you assap!

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