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This rack is custom built to your specifications to hold exactly your equipment. Shown in the first image is a 2x Kayak plus 4x SUP double sided rack in BASIC trim with optional castors for mobility. In the second image is a custom double sided 6 Kayak rack made from oiled BlackButt timber.


This rack is highly dependent on your equipment and shipping cost is determined by your location.


If this looks like something for you, please contact us and we'll start designing it.


These racks are CUSTOM BUILT TO ORDER so please allow minimum a one week lead time for the creation of your rack. Please contact us for futher customization options.

Kayak Storage Racks

Lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks at the moment.
  • No Problem! These racks are hand-made custom built to order, so just send a request and we will put them into the production queue and get them to you assap!

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