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The "Clamp" Rack is named for the way that it holds the boards, by clamping them in place.


This rack has a high level of craftsmanship involved in the design and production, and is a favorite with board collectors and those with that extra special board that needs to be shown off. The rack also looks great when the board is removed from the rack.


A tilt or spacer base can also be added to these racks when needed. Please contact for further details regarding your installation and we can help you choose the correct fitment for your specific board. Multiple custom finishes are possible.



These racks are CUSTOM BUILT TO ORDER so please allow minimum a one week lead time for the creation of your racks. Please contact us for futher customization options.

Surfboard Clamp Racks

SKU: ClampRackPair
  • Clamp Racks - A great way to show off that prized board or collectable. This rack, together with your board, becomes a work of art visible to you and your guests.


    Even if it shows out of stock, don’t hesitate to contact us for a custom build as all of our racks are custom built to order.

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